Certified wet cooling tower Greece, There are a few organizations in the world that do wet cooling tower capacity control. The most important of these institutions is CTI certification.

This organization tests the wet cooling tower that are built at every periodic intervals. The organization connects the wet cooling tower to the standard according to their types and then their capacities.

At the specified capacity, serious details such as air speed in the filling, fan performance, suction and propulsion air speeds, cooling performance of the wet cooling tower are questioned.

The Greece wet bulb thermometer ranges from 20 degrees to 25 degrees. Greece wet cooling tower, it is similar in size and Turkey. Heat transfer surfaces have an acceptable efficiency. In Greece, the certified wet cooling tower is also approved by CTI.

Repair, reconstruction and modernisation of all types of cooling towers (with natural and ventilation draught); design and construction of new ventilation cooling towers; design and construction of fillings, drop eliminators, water distribution and icing protection of all types of cooling towers (new and modernisation of existing ones). The used highly effective fillings and drop eliminators of PVC elements, worked out by the company, allow the optimal sizing and achievement of excellent technical and economic indices and operational reliability. The most recent technologies applied in the construction, repair and restoration works and the fulfilment of the anti-corrosion protection allow the achievement of high quality of the construction.