GRP water cooling towers provide fast reliable service and maintenance service and all spare parts of our products are supplied by our company.
The maintenance of the water cooling tower is directly proportional to the longevity of your cooling system and is also very important for holding the targeted capacity.
What you need to do to extend the life of the refrigeration unit is provided below.
Maintenance Plan of Axial Fans Water Cooling Tower:
1- Cleaning of the upper pool (hot water pool) water fountains of the Water Tower with pressurized water every month,
2- Washing of the inner filling material with pressurized water between the roller shutters located at the back of the wool every month,
3- It is necessary to apply grease to the grease gauges located on the fan roller bearings every two months,
4. Pouring muddy water once every six months from the water discharge sleeve and washing the lower pool with pressurized water,
5- Cleaning of the drop eliminators on the back of the tower fan with pressurized water every six months,
6- The power supply cable to the tower fan motor must be tightened if there is a controlled looseness of the terminal ends of each year,
7- The tower should be changed by the Supplier Company every 3 years (maximum) according to the service life of the inner filling material (considering frequent use, air and water factors).
You can communicate to extend the life of your cooling system and get more efficiency.
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