Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers, Companies need to make serious efforts to develop a special cooling tower chemical treatment plan that will provide an effective defense against major contamination problems such as biological growth, concentrated mineral content and white rust formation. In particular, a circulation without lime deposits must be guaranteed by the company that sells and scales the chemical.

Chemical Cleaning Steps of Cooling Towers

• Testing and reporting on current system status

• Planning a specific chemical for biological growth, rust, lime particles and other pollution issues

• Cooling tower passivation and purification application by ISO certified technicians

• maintenance should be carried out periodically every year as often as necessary

These annual maintenance should be done in heat exchangers, even by-pass line and chemical tank should be considered for reverse chemical cleaning during system installation.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling towers can vary from 1 m2 to 1000 m2 depending on the cooling loads of a plant. In fact, maintenance periods do not vary in these towers from the smallest to the largest. The methods and periods used are approximately the same.

Due to its continuous exposure to the external environment, the cooling tower is the primary source of pollution in your system. The “open” tower water cycle, which acts as a large air scrubber, collects particles in the air and promotes biological growth. By evaporation, it also intensifies the mineral content.

Businesses should use a full line of corrosion and limescale products, white rust inhibitors and microbiological inhibitors to create a specific chemical plan for these problems and others to ensure efficient operation of cooling towers.