Water cooling towers are used for cooling liquids at high temperature and high flow rates. The cold water value that can be obtained depends on the region where the tower will operate and the climate conditions.

The spare parts used in the water cooling tower are made of materials such as GRP, PVC and PP that do not undergo corrosion as they are constantly in contact with water.

The tower body consists of GRP (glass fiber reinforced polyester) material. This product has no handicaps such as rusting, fading and decay and can serve for many years.

For water with high flow rates (1,000 - 2,000 m3 / h), construction type water cooling towers are preferred. In order to create more heat transfer surfaces, the area covered by such towers is chosen to be large.


The spare parts of the water cooling tower delivered in a de-assembled condition are assembled in the facility where the tower will be installed. Since it is not easy to move such towers to different points within the facility, the selection of the area where the tower will be installed is very important. It is usually placed on top of open, reinforced concrete pools.

In horizontal type towers, generally horizontal motors are used. The motors are connected to the gear unit by means of the coupling and shaft. With an automation system; The engine can be started and stopped between the hot / cold values ????to be determined. This will result in significant energy savings.


The water distribution system consists of full closed type PVC / PPRC pipes or open top GRP grooves. Step sprinklers are used to distribute the water to the tower area.


Tower filler is used as PVC film, curler or Splash / grid type fills. Filler selection should be made according to the water pollution level.

PVC film filler for waters with suspended solids up to 200 PPM

Curler filler for 200, 500 PPM,

Splash / Grid type fillers should be preferred for more than 500 PPM.


Before cooling tower selection; The flow rate of water to be cooled, water inlet / outlet temperatures and wet thermometer value should be determined correctly. Select the tower type with the appropriate air flow, suitable for the cooling capacity by using special programs.

Cooling capacity, tower area, air flow and filler profile are designed and calculated correctly.

 In the case of regular periodic maintenance, it can serve for many years without any problems.


Construction water cooling towers are preferred for high flow rates.