How to choose the cooling tower? The selection of the cooling tower is determined by the unit called capacity.
The resulting unit of Q = m.c.Δt is also referred to as the kcal, which is abbreviated as kcal.
kcal = kilograms / hour. calorie / gram rating. degree
kcal = kg / h. cal / gr ° C ° C.
There is another cycle for capacity definition and this is kcal-kW.
1 kW = 859.85 kcal / h
According to the design, water cooling towers which can be of variable size, are classified according to capacities
The size of water cooling shows varies according to their class.
In cooling tanks, the physical size grows or decreases in direct proportion to capacity.
Details to be considered when making the selection
- If the flow rate for heat transfer on the filler exceeds the specified level, the heat transfer in the door will be insufficient if the water transport is below the certain level.
- If the amount of fluid (heat flux) passed for heat transfer on the filler exceeds a certain level, heat transfer can not be done adequately. If it is below certain level, heat transfer in the head will be inefficient.
- the amount of liquid passed through the water distribution system; pipe diameters and number of nozzles will help to ensure that the pressure in the distribution line is correct. If the liquid pressure in the installation is insufficient, this calculation will cause the liquid to not be homogeneously distributed on the filling surface due to the low pressure. If the liquid pressure in the installation is excessive, there is a possibility that the installation will explode due to high pressure.