It is recommended that cooling towers be used in large industrial establishments. The surface area of ????the padding should not be less than 30-40% of the sprinkling area. Medium and small-sized towers can have a wide variety of shapes,cylindrical,truncated cone or it may be in the form of a truncated pyramidal pyramid.

Cooling tower huts are usually constructed in the form of hyperbolic shaped shells that are most appropriate for internal aerodynamics and stability.

Towers with fan system work under very difficult conditions: the shells of the towers are under the influence of the humid hot air in the cooling tower and the cold air outside in winter is in the form of condensation on the inside surfaces. Thus, material selection is important.

In tower cooling towers, the air draft is due to natural wind or wind. The height of the concrete cooling towers can be up to a hundred meters. In this case, the irrigation area will reach four thousand square meters. Basically, such large towers are used to cool water in large quantities such as nuclear power plants.