The shipment stage of giant devices ordered in the water cooling tower is a painful process. If you are not working with non-institutional carrier companies in the process of making serious investments, you may have problems. As CTP engineering we deliver the delivery and shipment process completely under our control. You can find out about the transport process in the following video.

Besides, we produce dry and adiabatic coolers, industrial and HVAC. We also produce evaporative condensers for cold rooms that are cooled by ammonia gas in the cooling sector. In this sense, we are one of the few companies in Turkey.

Our main area is the cooling tower. As CTP Engineering we do not go outside the cooling tower header. Because we are focusing on the cooling tower, we focus on how we can produce different solutions for the cooling tower, reduce our water consumption and improve our energy efficiency. Recently, we are planning to diversify our open and closed type tower models and certify them. In addition to this, we attach a considerable weight to hybrid type cooling towers. Because it is a period in which water, energy and energy consumption are questioned. We are now planning to make our existing hybrid type cooling tower models more standardized by further diversifying.

General features

  • Cooling capacity up to 10,000 kW.
  • All towers are loaded after testing at the factory.
  • One piece or piece - piece can be shipped ready for installation.
  • Tower and battery are produced in the same factory.
  • Open-Closed and Evaporative type towers / Radial and Axial fan options
  • DecsaProt special coating option, which prevents external influences and corrosion
  • Free-cooling technology which can provide high energy saving in operation in closed type models
  • Body galvanized coating class is Z725.
  • Separate or separate stainless steel options for body, pool and battery.
  • Special silencers in axial fan versions with axial fans in axial fan versions.
  • Dual-speed engine system that allows the system to operate with less energy consumption
  • Reduced space requirements with minimal design and minimal design, minimizing transport costs.
  • Specially designed drop holders, eliminators to minimize water loss
  • Water level sensor, dual-speed fan motor, frequency inverter, electric heater, ladder and platform towers, such as the desired rich optional accessory options are also available.