According to the type of water distribution system, the cooling huts can be separated by:

- Film;

- Drop;

- Spray;

- Free cooling

According to the principle of providing atmospheric air, the cooling towers are separated by:

- When air is blown by the fan.

Advantage: High quality, fast water cooling

Disadvantage: high energy costs

- When the air draft is created with custom design and height

Advantage: Low energy costs

Disadvantage: slow cooling of the water

- Open or atmospheric cooling towers that use the natural movement of wind power and air masses as they pass through the tower

Advantage: Almost no energy consumption

Disadvantage: slow cooling of the water, large size

- Launch using natural air inflow and water spraying on special channels

Advantage: Rapid cooling of water by creating a vacuum effect

Disadvantage: high energy costs.

In the direction of water and air movement:

- Counterflow

Advantages: In such cooling towers heat transfer is created due to the greatest temperature drop and consequently a large aerodynamic drag.

Disadvantages: Water loss is excessive,

- Cross flow

Advantage: Less drops.

Disadvantage: Low aerodynamic resistance;

- Mixed flow

It is used as counter current and cross current.