As CTP Engineering, we prepared a slide for you in a brief summary of the unknowns about the Water cooling tower. We gave you information on what the water cooling tower is, how to design and calculate it, how to manufacture and install it, and what to look for in spare parts.

Cooling towers are used in many areas of my industry. The climatic conditions of the area where the cooling tower will be operated are important in terms of the wet temperature temperature of the tower where the cooled water can be cooled.
Cooling towers are used in condensers of heat plants or heat exchangers to heat the fluid by the heat of evaporation which is released during the condensation of the heat plants and to re-cool the circulating water with the temperature.
In general, where the water can not be provided in a continuous and cheap way, the cooling tower is used to cool down and reuse water.
Cooling towers in thermal power plants, natural gas power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, iron and steel plants, open and closed circulation systems, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, refrigeration groups, plastic injection machines, textile, chemistry, fertilizer plants and large buildings and facilities. They are installed in various sizes and styles.
 This feature is based on the construction and construction of cooling towers, as it is only possible to cool the water from the surface. The water must be separated into as many particles as possible to achieve the highest possible cooling efficiency, thereby increasing the surface of the water that will come into contact with the air.